Make your payments simpler, safer, and more rewarding.

USezPay is an experienced American technology company that provides a variety of payment processing solutions. We constantly work to grow your business with data-driven credit card processing solutions that help you conduct more commerce transactions. As a result, your company receives more payments.

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Key Features

Secure Transactions

All transactions are monitored and encrypted with advanced fraud and protection services, keeping you and your customers data safe.

7 / 24 support

Call us any time of day or night and our expert advisors will be at your service. We speak with you via call, WeChat, and other remote assistance tools.

Integrated Solutions

The Processor is integrated with your POS system and e-commerce platform, making it easier to run your business.



The Processor is user-friendly, which creates a seamless checkout experience for your clients. Happy clients mean more revenue for your business



Key Features

USezPay offers you quicker credit card processing and lower rate merchant services. Integrated into POS ensures your business more reliable and profitable.


A smart and convient portable payment processing solution.

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Usezpay looks for every opportunity to help customers get more value from every transaction. You will work closely with our dedicated staffs that will provide the right payment processing solution for your specific needs, no matter you have a small, medium or large business, we develop innovative solutions to help.

We make your payments simpler, safer and more rewarding.